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Awareness and Advocacy for People with All Abilities



I am Mauree Childress. I have a physical disability.  


I want to make people aware of people with all abilities;  

be comfortable with them through education on the words

to use.


I am happy to speak to groups - service clubs, business,

churches, schools - in the Milwaukee area.  (The locations need to be accessible.) You will find my contact information on my contact page.  


Make friends with people with disabilities; be helpful in public, advocate for them. Let’s all make safer, more accessible and welcoming communities.


Statistics (from US Census)

  • 50% of Americans will have a disability sometime during their lives

  • 20% of Americans have a disability. This number is rising and expected to reach 24% by 2030.


As a person with a disability, I am in some very good company:

  • Beethoven was deaf when he composed his 9th Symphony

  • Albert Einstein did not talk until he was 4 years old and did not read until he was 9; he was considered mentally retarded, unsociable and a dreamer. He failed his college entry exams. Einstein's intellectual achievements as a physicist and originality have made the word "Einstein" synonymous with "genius".

  • Learning disabilities: George Washington (could hardly write and poor grammar skills), Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Sir Winston Churchill

  • ADD: John F. Kennedy, Steven Spielberg


For more information used about communicating with people with disabilities.  (Much of the information used here is from their publication.)


CP Center of Green Bay 

Options for Independent Living

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Brown County

N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation, Inc.



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