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I live with my disability all of the time and it surely limits what I can do. I try not to feel sorry for myself, since that will take me right down "the rabbit hole." I try to focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot do. I miss my old abilities though.

I have learned a lot about the reality of living with a disability. One thing I learned firsthand is how a person with a disability is marginalized. I especially felt that when I was using a wheelchair. I was ignored, eyes averted away from me. or people would talk to my husband like I could not communicate or listen. Every person should be treated in a respectful way and not judged. (After all, who gives anyone the right to judge?)

I now have 2 1/2 "disability" paintings completed.

I Was Invited to the Party painting shows the back of a man, using a wheelchair, looking up at the staircase to a party he cannot get to.
3 people using mobility devices with offensive words and thoughts behind them.

I Was Invited to the Party is about the barriers faced everyday by the people who use a wheelchair, walker, canes or crutches. We need to remove as many barriers as possible.

Words Hurt is about the words people use for a person with a disability. There also are 4" x 9" rack cards that promote "people first" language and inform that a person is NOT their disability. they HAVE a disability.

I hope to get these painting out there and am working on another painting.

Please advocate for people with disabilities and be kind to them and everyone else, too.

Mauree Childress

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